Outlaw Queen AU: Hogwarts

In all her years as Potions Professor, Regina Mills was best known as one witch to never be confronted, or crossed.

No one got in “the Evil Queen’s” way. 

However, the new Care of Magical Creatures Professor sees the bold woman as a challenge - and a beautiful one at that. Robin begins to test her patience inch by inch, and eventually wins her over with his impeccable charm and dimples. With glorious ease and simplicity, she feels her icy, wall-bound heart begin to melt.

It’s not until one late night drink that Professor Mills sees the tattoo - the one she had heard a prophecy about so many years ago. When Robin confronts her about not visiting the grounds more often, evidently avoiding him, she is left conflicted.

Tell him, or run away?



The great and powerful, Evil Queen.


"mom.. dad.. i .. i like steven moffat"

the sky turns black. children scream. the earth is in ruins. my parents disown me. i push feminism back hundreds of years. doctor who is canceled. i am the sole cause of the red wedding. somewhere in that parallel universe, rose tyler bursts into tears.

oh god what have i done

"Sweet Land" DVD commentary — the Pie scene


(Featuring actress Elizabeth Reaser, director/writer Ali Selim, editor James “Jim” Stanger, & co-producer Gil Bellows.)

Ali Selim: I love this scene. And I think this scene was written on the set. I think it was originally written just because of the strength of Alex Kingston. She showed up and she knew how to bake pie and I thought “Wow, a woman from L.A. who was on ‘ER’ who knows how to bake pie? What is that?”


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sasha alexander; live with kelly and michael

"What is the hardest part of this- your job?"

"We laugh a lot, we have a lot to laugh about."


Can we just talk about this for a minute? So this wonderful woman who we have seen slaughter thousands and hunt down mercilessly Snow White over her true love, took him to Dr. Frankenstein to try and bring him back from the dead. This woman who had to marry her uncle someone the same age as her father (if not older) and was forced to be queen. Who cast a curse that took everyone to a land without magic and stole away everyone’s happy endings for 28 years all over Daniel, and because she believes no one could ever love her again. 

Look at how she cracks, he is back and alive and David wants to shoot him and just look at how this strong, tough woman who never lets others see her vulnerable. Look at her as she falls apart and just loses her mind over trying to protect her love, save Daniel. Everything she has ever wanted and she doesn’t even care he may be a monster now. Regina has powerful magic and she could use it to force David away but she’s not Regina now. She’s the young girl who watched helplessly as Cora crushed her fiancee’s heart and all she can do is pound her fists desperately at David, tugging, pleading. Let me talk to my fiancée

It has been countless decades since Daniel died but everything that has pushed down and repressed rips through her with the return of Daniel. How can you see this and still say that Regina is just evil, this gif alone is proof to the PTSD she suffered untreated throughout the majority of her life. 

(And Lana dear god that woman is amazng.)

Once Upon A Time Season 3 + Bloopers/Real Scene.